Instead of sending organics to the landfill where they will be wasted, Wixom residents can now place food scraps with their yard waste to be collected weekly at curbside. These scraps, like your yard waste, will be composted and used in gardens and city projects, thus creating healthy, nutrient-rich soil and cleaner air


More food is found in U.S. landfills than any other type of material. Food in a landfill converts to potent gases such as methane. Instead of sending food scraps to the landfill, compost them with your weekly curbside yard waste collection. The food scraps and yard waste will be composted together and converted to a healthy, nutrient-rich soil amendment. Feel good about doing your part!

Not a Wixom resident? You can bring your food scraps to Spurt Industries or a local composting farm that accepts food scraps for proper disposal. Or, try your hand at home composting! Information on backyard composting can be found on our Composting page.


The process begins in the kitchen! Place a conveniently-sized, lidded food scrap container in your kitchen. Using an easy-to-carry container to hold your food scraps before adding them to your yard waste can make the process even easier. Don’t forget to review the list of accepted items, shown below.

Collect food scraps during meal prep, after meals, and when cleaning out spoiled food from the refrigerator. Tip: Wrap them in newspaper to help avoid unwanted pests or odors.

Empty the food scrap container into your curbside yard waste container or paper yard waste bag to be collected at curbside and composted. Please leave out plastic bags, twist ties, rubber bands, and other nonlisted items.

Yard waste is picked up in Wixom between the beginning of April and end of November. For more information on yard waste in Wixom, visit our Yard Waste page or the Wixom DPW page.

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